Birmingham’s Islamic Relief blesses Pakistan’s flood victims

Birmingham’s Islamic Relief blesses Pakistan’s flood victims

Founded in Small Heath in 1984 and still based in Birmingham today, with HQ now in Digbeth, the popular global Islamic charity has been working hard this month to help flood victims in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Over 25 years on from when Islamic Relief was first set up by Hany Abdel Gawad El-Banna OBE, the charity is now the largest Western-based international Muslim relief and development NGO, still striving around the world to alleviate the poverty & suffering of the world’s poorest people.

Birmingham is home to the world’s largest population of ethnic Pakistani people outside of Pakistan, more than any other city in the world, so our sense of duty is close to home. And Islamic Relief aren’t letting us down, raising millions of pounds worth of aid to help the millions of people affected by the floods. These floods have killed over 1500 people, and many more are still left homeless & hungry.

Jehangir Malik, Director of Islamic Relief UK, has just returned from visiting the disaster-struck regions of Charsadda & Nowshera. In a statement to the Birmingham Post, Mr Malik describes the challenges he witnessed in a place that “looks like the sea or a very large lake” where “water is contaminated, stagnant, dirty and dangerous” which makes distribution of aid “very hard indeed”.

Mr Malik has commended the British Government for its support so far amounting to tens of millions of pounds, and he encourages the international community to pull together with equal compassion & generousity.

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