BWDP launches local charity news portal online

BWDP launches local charity news portal online

Birmingham Web Development Partnership has been modestly making websites since 2005, but nobody really expected them to come up with this.

Founded by Daniel Land in August 2005 as “an independent, regional, charitable association in the web design & development industry”; BWDP aims to raise the profile of Birmingham on the World Wide Web. Notable projects by BWDP include the Birmingham Hotel Showcase, offering independent reviews and star ratings for hotels in Birmingham, much like the AA and VisitBritain do nationally.

And now we see a new wave of creativity, beaming with interviews, stories, appeals and profiles of charities in Birmingham and further afield, for all to read & discuss online, via this very new website, Charityzine.

The online news portal for Birmingham charities launched earlier this afternoon, kicking off with a moving story about the wonderful work that local charity Islamic Relief have been doing to help the disaster-struck regions of northern Pakistan after horrendous flooding since the end of July.

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