15,000 runners in Birmingham Half Marathon

15,000 runners in Birmingham Half Marathon

The Birmingham Half-Marathon is due to hit the streets later this month.

In a letter from Birmingham City Council, Jim Kelly (Head of Local & International Events) writes:

The EDF Energy Birmingham Half Marathon is taking place on SUNDAY 24th October 2010 which is expected to attract around 15,000 runners and will start at 9.00am. This is a mass participation event aimed at helping people become more active and promoting healthier lifestyles. The race will follow a similar route to last year, starting in the city centre and moving through the south of the city before finishing on Broad Street.

Jim says this will be a great chance to support everyone running through the local neighbourhood, and then goes on to tell us about the road closures…

Before and during the race, it will be necessary to implement a number of road closures along the route between 7.00am and 4.00pm, which have been agreed with West Midlands Police. The times are approximate and the road closuers will NOT affect the access of emergency vehicles.

We then get a list of 141 roads to be closed or semi-closed in & around Birmingham City Centre. Fortunately this letter came with a well designed map, with different-shaded roads, to help us properly understand the marathon route and scale of these road closures!

But we don’t have to wait a few weeks just to experience the road closures, indeed, they’ve been blocked off for a couple of weeks already. This week for the Conservative Party conference at the ICC, and last week for the guy who was threatening to jump off a bridge over Great Charles Street.

To protect the Tories, the police have been swarming in particularly high numbers around Broad Street and the ICC. I don’t understand it. I mean, who would dislike a Tory? 😉 And who would want to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in Birmingham? Are we neglecting our little people while standing tall to promote our bustling, big & vibrant city?

By all means, have fun on the day of the marathon, but spare a thought for the disabled who can’t run no matter how much they want to. Let’s try more to help charities which benefit absolutely everyone and inconvenience absolutely nobody! Who knows a charity like that?

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