Birmingham Daoist Community Forum to represent local Daoists

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Birmingham Daoist Community Forum to represent local Daoists

We’ve all seen a Yin Yang before, but what religion is it most associated with?

Tai Chi and Feng Shui are two more examples of popular Chinese artforms that have made it big in the western world lately. It’s easy to guess they come from China, but which religion is traditionally said to be represented by the concepts of such art?

It’s Daoism (also spelt Taoism), which is quite popular amoung Far-East-Asian communities. More popular than meets the eye, indeed, and as of 2010 this religion is now being properly represented in Birmingham thanks to the establishment of a new faith group – Birmingham Daoist Community Forum – here to help to bring together Birmingham’s large Daoist community in order to represent the religion locally and offer advice & guidance to anyone who wants to know more about the principles of this faith.

Can you believe there have been hundreds of practicing Daoists in Birmingham for decades, without any kind of formal faith group to represent them in the public light?

Daniel Land, co-founder of the faith group, says:

This is the nature of Dao. Impossible to see. Like the western concept of God. Dao is God, essentially. Different word, different language, same meaning, nothing new really.

To find out more about Daoism and Birmingham’s newest local faith group, visit the website at

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    Hello my name is miles I have a genuine would interest in the religion would be grateful for some information on the topic

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