Young People Score Goals Against Mental Illness @ Start Again

Young People Score Goals Against Mental Illness @ Start Again

In light of the national “Time to Change” and World Mental Health Day campaigns to lift the stigmas surrounding mental health, a new book touches an issue at the forefront of the UK Government’s health agenda.

The Start Again community group is due to release A Collection of Inspirational Stories; an ethnographic compilation of case studies which explores the real life stories of ten individuals and tells their fight to overcome the odds and improve their lives. The accounts in the book provide a moving backdrop of the struggles faced by young people in society today such as issues surrounding mental health, drug abuse, homelessness, sexuality and relationships.

Research in 2008 by the Office for National Statistics suggests that young people who experience three or more stressful life events (such as family bereavement, divorce or serious illness) are significantly more likely to develop emotional and behavioural disorders. So this book seeks to inspire young people to take control of their lives by utilising tools that Start Again and similar organisations provide.

Start Again uses sport to improve the personal development of young people from socially deprived and/or immigrant backgrounds in Birmingham, many of them homeless, ex-offenders and drug users suffering with mental, social or behavioural issues.

Since its creation in 2008, Start Again has helped over 260 young people in the region to become stable and active members of their communities to date and they continue to grow day by day.

A Collection of Inspirational Stories is due for release on January the 27th, 2011. To find out more about this book or the charity, please visit their website:

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