Fundraising with Christmas cheer for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice

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Fundraising with Christmas cheer for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice

Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice has been caring for patients with diseases like cancer and MS from their base in Selly Park since originally opening way back in 1979. They even provide counselling for patients’ relatives as part of a comprehensive range of services, and this year to help keep the hospice going they’re holding a wide variety of fundraising events throughout the Christmas season. These events are vital for the hospice and for the thousands of people they help every year, considering how over 50% of their budget comes from donations and fundraising activities.

The events this year range from readings to Christmas fairs and parties. Bubbly Bash was a recent party held at Walker House Edgbaston where champagne met fine food on the menu, and with tickets costing only £20 each, with all money raised in the interest of the hospice, it sounds like a good deal for the people of south-central Birmingham. Other events this Christmas include concerts, a carol service and a masquerade ball.

If you’re interested in any of these events, or to make a donation or get involved with fundraising, please check out the St Mary’s website at

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