My Experience of Mentoring in Birmingham (Part Two)

My Experience of Mentoring in Birmingham (Part Two)

Last time, I had the pleasure of introducing you to Jemima, a psychology turned marketing student, who is about to embark on a new part time role as Marketing manager for Identity Drama School.

This week, meet Amita, a law student who is setting up a charity that brings the older and the younger together. Amita has a vision to get these two groups together with a true community spirit.

Like Jemima, Amita is already driven – the sheer fact that she signed up for the mentoring scheme says that. What Jemima and I have done is brainstorm ideas to set up her charitable project.

Amita’s vision is to enlist volunteers from Birmingham’s young and buddy them up with the area’s seniors with a view that both sets of residents have a better understanding of each other. Most of all, the seniors will have someone to talk to and by rights, the volunteer youngsters should learn much from the telling of old stories and how others in their community live their lives.

We discussed how to get something for free by just giving something back other than parting with cold hard cash! To this end, Amita is going to hold a ‘design a logo’ competition within University of Birmingham and will ask a local business to donate a gift voucher to the winner, in return for their brand awareness on all marketing literature and the soon to be designed website.

Amita is looking at contacting all suppliers in this way and of course the same barter principle can also be applied to business. The only cost we have envisaged so far is insurance; everything else should be sponsored or bartered.

It’s an absolute joy to work with Amita and see her enthusiasm and positivity shine through, crushing hurdles as she progresses with the project.

If you feel you can help Amita with her goal, please do contact me in the first instance via @RickieWrites or

I’m really looking forward to catching up with the Jemima and Amita next month.

Until then, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a charitable new year!

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