Macmillan supporters kickoff Blues vs Villa match (16th Jan)

Macmillan supporters kickoff Blues vs Villa match (16th Jan)

As people rested on Sunday 16th January, St Andrew’s Stadium was beaming with energy, with a little help from volunteers from Macmillan Cancer Support, while the stadium prepared for a match between Birmingham City (the Blues) and Aston Villa football clubs. Birmingham City were delighted to host Aston Villa at St Andrew’s in Small Heath for this charitably-sidelined Second City derby after recently defeating Villa in the Carling Cup at the same ground.

The bitterly cold weather wasn’t enough to stop dedicated supporters from across the nation to support their favourite local team and do their bit for charity.

Supporters were welcomed by Macmillan volunteers who invited them to donate towards the care of vulnerable cancer patients. People were generally cheerful & friendly, donating generously for Macmillan Cancer Support as the change poured into the buckets held by brave local Macmillan volunteers. With their donations, a total of over £3000 was raised – double from last year. This extravagant amount of money demonstrates how a little from everybody can go a long way, to make a big difference in helping cancer patients who often value all the help they can get, even if it’s just someone to talk to about everyday stuff between contemplation of reduced life expectancy.

Kickoff started at 12:45pm! This meant a prompt start for volunteers who were later rewarded with a free match of the game which they thoroughly enjoyed. Armin Heydari, a 16 year old volunteer, commented:

“It was a really worthwhile experience and we raised a good amount. I particularly enjoyed being able to watch the game afterwards, the atmosphere was brilliant!”

Particular congratulations go to Ann Gumery who helped co-ordinate the event.

Blues & Villa drew, and the event was rounded off with little violence from supporters. Volunteers were encouraged to come again for another match in March.

Macmillan is a charity that helps to improve lives of people affected by cancer in the UK. They provide practical medical & financial support, and generally push for better cancer care. For more information phone 020 7840 7840 or browse the website for information on cancer support and ways to donate:

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