Pressure for Birmingham to make a Guinness World Record!

Pressure for Birmingham to make a Guinness World Record!

You could contribute to getting Birmingham into The Guinness Book of Records, simply by getting your blood pressure checked!

The event, put on by Lord Mayor, Coun Len Gregory, is set to take place at Star City in Birmingham on Saturday 2nd April 2011, between 10am and 6pm. All you have to do is go down to Star City, near Nechells in Birmingham, to get your blood pressure taken.

At the moment, the record for the amount of people to have their blood pressure taken is 2,331, held by Cardiff, capital of Wales, which beat Florida’s record of 2,075 people. The Lord Mayor though would like to smash those records and get a massive 3000 people to participate in just 8 hours.

This event is not just about making history, it is also to raise awareness for High blood pressure, which is commonly known as “the silent killer” because its symptoms are only vague yet it’s one of the main causes of stroke. A blood pressure test is quick & painless yet can be very important for your heath, no matter what your age.

Research worldwide suggests that 35-40% of strokes could be prevented if only high blood pressure were caught and treated from an earlier stage. This constitutes a massive amount of deaths that can be prevented and makes the organisation of this event very worthwhile.

Plans for the event include stalls, free secure parking, celebrities and all round family fun, so not only will you be helping your heath, you will also be taking part in history and having a fun day out.

This record-breaking attempt to get Birmingham into the Guinness World Records is being run in coordination with The Stroke Association.

To register with this event, which is completely free, simply sign up at and help Birmingham make history!

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