STEV.e from Sutton Coldfield gets MP’s support

STEV.e from Sutton Coldfield gets MP’s support

STEV.e isn’t an individual, like rapper/musician, but a team of 16-17 year olds from Sutton Coldfield who want to challenge the negative stereotypes surrounding ‘the youth of today’.

A quick search of mainstream media reports on young people suggests that they have an uphill struggle, but they have the support of national charity Envision and now the backing of Sutton MP Andrew Mitchell.

STEV.e’s wizzy website is designed to help young people make informed choices about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles through hints and tips, as well as being able to follow the STEV.e team’s blogs which record how they’re getting on with their personal healthy living challenges. Team member, Amber, said;

“We wanted to tackle this issue because we feel that not enough young people know how to be healthy in their lifestyles. You get all the ‘health’ messages from the NHS and adults, but they’re never written in a way that young people connect with – so we thought the message would have a lot more impact coming from us as young people.”

West Midlands MP Andrew Mitchell was very impressed to hear how the group had set about addressing a problem they were concerned about and even offered to join the team as a guest blogger, with his own challenge to live up to.

STEV.e (which stands for Striving to Encourage Vitality – envision) is a project supported by the Envision charity as part of their ‘Truth about Youth’ campaign. The campaign is a two-year programme supported by The Co-operative Foundation. Envision hope to recruit and support over 600 young people aged 16-19 to take real action on issues in their local community and an additional 100 young people, like the STEV.e team, to run their own projects that challenge the negative stereotypes of young people.

Visiting the STEV.e team’s base at Plantsbrook School in his Sutton Coldfield constituency, Andrew Mitchell MP praised both Envision and the young people involved in STEV.e;

“I think the ‘Truth about Youth’ campaign is a fantastic idea. I’ve seen first-hand some of the great work young people at Envision are doing. Some people think young people are apathetic or self centred, but the truth about these young people is that they are taking the initiative to think about problems in our society and setting themselves a challenge to do something about it.”

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