The Birmingham Lord Mayor’s Murder Mystery Night, 17th March

The Birmingham Lord Mayor’s Murder Mystery Night, 17th March

How do you feel when you give money to charity? Do you feel happy and satisfied? Or do you feel like you are just giving your hard earned money away?

There are many events in Birmingham where not only are you giving money to charity, but you are also getting something in return!

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham has many events coming up, including a Murder Mystery Night, performed by local top drama group The Billesley Players.

You, and the Lord Mayor himself, will get to play detective and try to unearth who are the victims and who are the killers on this fun, light hearted evening. On top of that, you will be giving money to four charities. The Burns centre at the Children’s hospital, Birmingham PHAB camps, The Stroke Association and Birmingham institute for the deaf, 4 charity’s the Lord Mayor is raising money for in 2011!

These are 4 very important charity’s, not only Birmingham but in the whole of the UK. The Lord Mayor is particularly aware of the struggles of the Burns Centre at the children’s hospital, as his grandson has had to have treatment there in the past.

The Lord Mayor, over the next few months is putting on many charity events around the Birmingham, including trying to break the world record for most people having their blood pressure checked in just 8 hours, this raising money and making people aware of the dangers of strokes and just how serious they can be.

At this Murder Mysteries evening, for just £22 per person, you will get a 2-course meal, while you interrogate and discover who the murderers are! There is also going to be a bar and a raffle at this exciting event.

Performing at the Murder Mysteries Night will be top Birmingham drama group The Billesley Players, who will transport the Lord Mayor and his guests back to 1915 when a family celebration comes to a halt when the butler is found dead in the house library and the Billesley Players will be taking time out of their busy schedule practicing for Neil Simon’s ‘The Odd Couple’, taking place June 9th/10th 2011.

Iain Neville, chair of The Billesley Players is extremely looking forward to this event. “This event raises money for four great causes, so we were more than happy to volunteer our services. The only difficulty has been preparing for the Murder Mystery Night while also rehearsing for our production of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple later this year”
“The Highbury Hall event is sure to be a lot of fun and maybe the Lord Mayor will turn out to be a bit of a Sherlock Holmes.”

The event takes place this evening – March 17th 2011 from 7pm-11pm and will take place at:

Highbury Hall
4 Yew Tree Road
B13 8QG

Places for this special event are limited, so to book your tickets by contacting Gilli Hale or Bev Whitehouse, Lord Mayor’s Parlour by:



T: 0121 303 2040/303 1999

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