Great Midlands Fun Run for Children’s Heart Appeal, 5th June

Great Midlands Fun Run for Children’s Heart Appeal, 5th June

Get your heart pumping and pulse racing for the Children’s Heart Appeal by running the Great Midlands Fun Run in June and the 2011 Birmingham Half Marathon in October.

Picture this scene before you. A newly born child open’s her eyes for the first time.  The mother watches on, in maternal adoration, oblivious to doctor’s consternation when checking the heart monitor. Murmurs are detected. Fellow medical staff are alerted and rush the child, who has barely glimpsed life, into theatre for open heart surgery. The mother again, watches on, at the theatre’s doors. Her daughter just given to her may be taken away.

This scene is a common occurrence at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital which has one of the busiest Children’s Heart Centres in the UK. The cardiac unit treats over 10,000 children a year, with approximately 80% of surgeries being open-heart procedures, and around 60% performed on children under 12 months old. In order to keep up with increasing demand and offer the most advanced & up-to-date treatment, the aging facilities need to be replaced. This would will enhance efficiency & variety of surgery and other treatments available, thus optimising patient recovery times and overall success rates. But facilities like these require funding and support from the public.

On 5th June 2011 there will be a Great Midlands Fun Run (5K) bringing with it a nice opportunity for you to get involved to help raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and its various endeavours. And later in the year, in October (date to be confirmed, probably 23rd October), you can run the 2011 Birmingham Half Marathon (20K) in support of Birmingham Children’s Hospital or any other charity.

With the adrenaline rush of the exercise, the invigorating feeling of accomplishment and the knowledge it’s all for a good cause, this all goes to create a heady mix of emotions to make the event a memorable one. An experience for people of all ages and backgrounds, as ideal for fitness enthusiasts as for regular groups of friends and families looking for something to do on a quiet summer’s day. Runners are also invited to dress up and make the marathons as interesting and worthwhile as possible.

If you’re interested in taking part you can visit the running events’ page on the Birmingham Children’s Hospital (“BCH Charities”) website where you can register your interest and help make a difference.

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