A dog is for life

A dog is for life

Imagine not being able to see the sunshine on a warm, sunny day. Never witnessing the spectacle of sunrise or sunset. Imagine a world shrouded in a cloak of darkness, never to be lifted. Some people don’t need to imagine. This is their reality.

According to recent research by the RNIB, roughly two million people in the UK suffer from sight loss. That’s about one in thirty of us.

Blind people typically rely on others to “become their eyes” in order to complete basic daily tasks and cope with regular day-to-day struggles. It’s also said that a blind person needs up to seven guide dogs in a lifetime. Each guide dog partnership arranged by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association involves a couple of years of  dog training, seven years of support and costs over £40,000. But the government doesn’t pay for all this. There’s a real struggle to raise this much-needed funding, and this is where we can help.

You may have heard the saying “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas” which came about since so many dogs get abandoned each year shortly after Christmas. Well, now, through the Sponsor a Puppy scheme at guidedogsgiving.org.uk you can take on some of the facets of puppy parenthood without needing to handle all the hard work and strings attached to keeping a pet at home. Sponsors receive regular doses of Pupdates at key stages of training and highlights of the puppy’s proactive new life. You could share in the jubilation of your puppy’s growing-up moments and be proud of your puppy if & when they achieve the status of a Guide Dog.

Sponsorship costs just £4.33 a month, and could be a lovely gift for someone special, but in case you’re not quite ready to commit to this, one-off donations can also be made.

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