Cadbury College Students Boost Body Confidence

Cadbury College Students Boost Body Confidence

A group of 16-17 year old students at Cadbury Sixth Form College, Birmingham, decided to tackle girl confidence and body image as part of their Envision project, an issue they felt was very relevant and important in today’s society. Envision is an educational charity that provides young people with the opportunity to make a difference.

The students organised a fashion show to celebrate all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, displaying a range of clothes and styles from cultural dress to monochrome (this seasons must have!). The students were concerned that the media’s portrayal of the “perfect woman” was damaging for young girls and teenagers, and felt it may even lead to eating disorders or depression.

The team overcame all odds and organised the event with just one allocated rehearsal slot, and coordinated 20 girls, the script, lighting and music to put on a successful event. Over 100 people attended the event, and the students raised over £150 for the Japan earthquake appeal. The students were proactive in inviting not only students, but teachers and local councillors. Councillor Mike Leddy said:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a brilliant event. It’s fantastic to see the students so confident and eager to tackle an important issue such as self-confidence. Not only have they produced a great event, but they have also raised money for a very important cause.”

Team leader Amira said:

“It’s been quite stressful to organise, but in a good way, it’s been great fun! It’s fantastic to get so many people involved and to see we have brightened up the audience’s day. With fashion and reality TV shows dominating our screens, a lot of girls feel uncomfortable in their own skin and self-conscious. We wanted to spread the message that everyone is unique and beautiful and celebrate different body shapes.”

Asked what motivated the students to raise money for Japan, student Amna said:

“We can’t forget countries outside of our own when they are in need. We would want to be helped if something awful like the earthquake and tsunami happened to us.”

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