Local businesses and decision makers overwhelmed by nominations for this year’s Truth About Youth Awards

Local businesses and decision makers overwhelmed by nominations for this year’s Truth About Youth Awards

The Truth about Youth Awards is an event run by Envision as part of The Cooperative Foundation’s £280,000 project, the Truth About Youth, which aims to challenge and change the negative perceptions of young people.

The event aims to recognise and celebrate the amazing work of the young people of Birmingham. From renovating a care home garden and inter-generational events, to promoting healthy living in primary schools and performing plays to challenge the negative perceptions of refugees; these 16-18 year olds have taken the initiative and show dedication to their cause.

In the run up to the event, a judging panel met this week to review the nominations for this year’s award categories and decide upon winners. Representing community and business leaders from across Birmingham the judging panel included local figures such as Cllr Brigid Jones from Birmingham City Council, John Crouch, Trustee for The Cooperative Foundation and Neil Flemming, Creative Group Head of marketing agency Life.

Panelist Cllr Brigid Jones was amongst those impressed with the high standard and determination of this year’s volunteers. Expressing what she feels is the importance of volunteering she said, “If you start volunteering at 16, I believe you are more likely to still be doing it at 60. It has an empowering effect on the community and the people volunteering.”

The awards ceremony takes place at Edgbaston Cricket Club on 7th July and will celebrate the fantastic achievements of over 500 young people that took part in the Envision Schools programme this year. Over the last academic year these young volunteers have carried out over 130 community projects in their local neighbourhoods bringing about positive change on issues they care about.

It took a gruelling 2 and half hours to review the nominations, but after much scoring and debating, the judging panel chose winners for the award categories, which include “Team of the Year”, “Student of the Year” and “Media Award”.

Judge Neil Fleming said, “It is definitely important to give one evening of celebration for these young people, who have given up so much of their time for fantastic causes, especially on top of their school work and other commitment.”

The results are a closely guarded secret and will be announced at the Truth about Youth Award Ceremony next month. If you’re interested in attending please contact Cameron Nimmo at cameron@envision.org.uk or on 0121 772 7685

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