Smile with Heart & Colgate for Barnardo’s Children’s Charity

Smile with Heart & Colgate for Barnardo’s Children’s Charity

Can your smile make a difference?

Currently, there are thousands of disadvantaged children all over the UK, who don’t have much to smile about, but we can change that.

Colgate have launched a “Keeping Britain Smiling” campaign, running throughout May and June this year to “collect” your smiles.

This is done via Facebook –

There are three ways to help, worth varying levels of smiles:

1. Upload your best Colgate smile to the wall = 10 smiles

2. Post a comment on the wall about what makes you smile = 2 smiles

3. “Like” the page = 1 smile

When the total smiles received reaches 1 million, Colgate will donate £100,000 to Barnardo’s, to help provide nutritious meals for children all over the country, such as in breakfast clubs and dinners for runaway teenagers.

Barnardo’s is a child-orientated charity and has been working tirelessly for its cause since it was established 140 years ago.

Martin Field, Barnardo’s UK Director of Fundraising says:

We believe that helping a child to smile will give them confidence. Give a child confidence and you improve their chances of achieving their full potential. Allow a child to achieve their full potential and you’ll keep them smiling for a lifetime, which is why we strongly believe in Colgate’s Keeping Britain Smiling Campaign, so please help today.

So by now, your smile may have gone a full circle, transferred from one person to another. A simple, friendly action, with a serious, helpful impact.

Check out the official website –

Also check out the Barnardo’s UK website –

Pictures from Saturday 28th May

Joining the bandwagon last month, Heart FM made Birmingham smile.

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