The “Food Fighters” tackle unhealthy lifestyles

The “Food Fighters” tackle unhealthy lifestyles

Concerned about the rising youth obesity levels in the UK, particularly in Birmingham, a group of students from Kings Edwards VI Camp Hill School for Boys decided to promote healthy lifestyles in their local community as part of their Envision extracurricular project.

After discussing the best way to tackle the issue, the Food Fighters team, set about thoroughly researching the topic, creating and delivering a well prepared presentation to the Head of the Sixth Form highlighting the need for action. Delegating effectively amongst themselves, they designed an engaging interactive and informative workshop which they aimed to deliver to younger children. They felt this would be an effective way to tackle the issue, promoting healthy living from an early age.

The biggest obstacle the group faced was trying to find a local school in which they could deliver their workshop to. After writing to numerous schools, the team successfully arranged to deliver their workshop to a Year 5 class at Allens Croft Primary School in Kings Heath, developing event management and organisation skills as well as demonstrating excellent public speaking skills. Thinking long term, they also gathered and collated feedback on the delivery and impact of their session, producing an evaluation of their project and how to improve on it in the future.

Bassit Malik, Food Fighters project manager, also said “Envision not only helped us to realise this idea and to serve as a good example of our age group, the project also enriched our understanding of healthy eating and the significant role this has to play within society, with the rising levels of obesity within young children.”

The team have been nominated for the Team of the Year Award at this year’s Truth About Youth Awards, organised by Envision, due to their professional and organised approach. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 7th July 2011.

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