Dive into the NSPCC challenge

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Dive into the NSPCC challenge

Jump head-first into this NSPCC challenge!

Feel the heady rush of adrenaline and the invigorating brush of breeze as you gradually make your way back to earth. The combination of an exhilarating experience and the knowledge it would raise some much needed funds for the NSPCC, makes this summer skydive, an event not to be missed.

The NSPCC have a significant undertaking – to end cruelty to children in the UK. They strive to provide the levels of protection and support that they feel no child should go without, but they cannot do it by themselves.

Yearly, they rely on public donations for approximately 85 per cent of their vital funds. This means nearly all of their children’s services, consultancy, campaigning and advice is funded by people like you!

This is why public support through events like these can be so important and of course very much appreciated.

So this summer, along with your friends and family, why don’t you sign up for the parachute jump? No experience is necessary, and your training and jump can be essentially free if you raise the necessary level of sponsorship.

You can fill in the online registration form at www.nspcc.org.uk/get-involved/join-an-event/get-active/skydiving/skydiving_wda72215.html

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    Can’t you do something a bit less scary?

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