Join Birmingham Writers Club!

Join Birmingham Writers Club!

What do we call a group of writers? A flock? A congregation? A throng?

Anyway, that’s what Birmingham Writers Club is; open to all comers, from poets to song writers (or could that be the same thing?); screen writers to novelists, travel writers to bloggers and even journalists are welcome.

There is no formality other than everyone being in the same room at the same time. The club was formed as a vehicle for writers of all disciplines to exchange ideas, offer support and come to the realisation that they are not the only ones who stare out the window for the best part of an hour and then write 350 words in 15 minutes. Writers have made staring out the window a sport and this is the one place they can admit this.

On a more productive note, Birmingham Writers Club meets approximately once a month and helpful website links get passed around, some people read out their work to receive constructive criticism but generally everyone is full of encouragement for each other, breaking off into small groups and catching up on each other’s progress.

If you’d like to join in, all that’s asked is that you write, after all, you’re not a writer unless you write! For more details contact or for future dates see here.

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