UNICEF’s East Africa Children’s Crisis Appeal

UNICEF’s East Africa Children’s Crisis Appeal

Because of the absence of the late 2010 rains, people, especially children, in eastern Africa, are confronted with a multitude of crises. These include daily battles with a prolonged drought, rocketing food prices and growing conflicts.

The United Nations has formally declared parts of southern Somalia as famine stricken, indicating the catastrophic depth of this issue. The most vulnerable victims are women and children. Over two million children under the age of five are severely malnourished, including almost 500,000 children suffering from life-threatening “severe acute malnutrition”. This is found throughout Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

UNICEF are working to provide access to clean water and sanitation for children; as well as preventing the spread of deadly diseases including measles, through vaccination campaigns.

UNICEF is also a key provider of ready-to-use therapeutic food in all three countries, but desperately needs more funds in order to reach every child.

As for most charities, in order to provide these desperately needed services, public donations are essential. You can donate now at: unicef.org.uk/landing-pages/donate-east-africa

“Your gift will go directly to UNICEF’s East Africa Children’s Crisis Appeal‚ for the children affected by the crisis.”


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