eGovernment Awards Scheme Deadline Nears

eGovernment Awards Scheme Deadline Nears

The UK Public Sector Digital Awards, formerly known as the e-Government National Awards, is a Prime Minister (David Cameron) backed initiative, driven forward online by Sift Media (of the popular UK Business Forums), in association with and KPMG, plus a host of other leading corporate-sector & government-department partners & sponsors.

This award scheme is setup to acknowledge & thank the UK’s leading digital innovators in the public sector. Entry is free but you must go through a nomination procedure as follows, and the deadline for this year’s nominations come on the 6th October (just 1 week to go)!

After providing an email address, the applications/nominations section of the website tells us this…

You may find it simpler to prepare your nomination offline, before submitting it to the online system – please download the document below, which lists all of the questions in the online nomination system…

For your convenience, here’s a link to a plain text version of the referenced document. The guidance continues as follows…


Please read these notes before proceeding with your nomination:

  • Nominations are for public sector and third sector organisations only
    • however, private sector organisations may nominate public sector or third sector organisations
  • Nominations close on Thursday 6 October 2011
  • You will need to provide the following information – please ensure that you are permitted to do so:
    • the full contact details of the person submitting this form
    • the full contact details of the SRO responsible for the nominated project
    • details of the nominated project
  • Keep your citation brief and to the point
    • please keep your citation to a maximum of 600 words
    • please use text only – no images, clipart, tables, file attachments, etc
  • A good citation offers a brief factual and informative overview of the project – please aim to cover the following points in your citation:
    • why specifically the nomination deserves national recognition
    • quantifiable and qualitative evidence of performance against targets
    • proof of service delivery
    • relevant testimonials, commendations, press coverage or public praise
    • identify specific benefits, results or outputs that the project has achieved
    • identify any efficiency, effectiveness, capacity and financial gains achieved
    • provide detail on take-up, target audience reach and usership, including any measures of growth.

Then we go through a procedure of submitting all our contact details, etc.

If interested, apply now, or consider 2012!


Remember in October 2010 when the UK government announced the new national security strategy? It highlighted cyber attacks as one of the three most serious threats facing the country (alongside terrorism and natural disasters including pandemics). With this in mind, perhaps we can summise that the grey suits behind the current establishment are rather keen to get “onside” with the new centres of power of this digital age in order to minimise any shift in power and retain what control the existing government has traditionally commanded.

Will it work? And for how long? Will up-and-coming independent players on the e-government scene (such as our own peaceful digital agency, Studio B) ever get a look in? Well, they say, where there’s a will there’s a way…


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