Green Gardening Gets Going at Northfield Ecocentre

Green Gardening Gets Going at Northfield Ecocentre

With the nights getting longer and the weather making summer but a fond memory, September isn’t the time of year most people start to get excited about the garden.

But any gardener will tell you that there’s still plenty to be doing in the garden to keep it looking its best, and then there’s the best winter job of all; sitting down and planning what to do next year.

The Ecocentre in Northfield, Birmingham is then on hand to suggest a radical way of approaching your garden for next year; permaculture.

“Permaculture is the practical philosophy of living our lives more sustainably by following the patterns of nature. It is about observing what nature does and then using that knowledge to design abundant spaces around us that have little impact on the earth. Permaculture can be used to design anything from a garden to a window box.”

Northfield Ecocentre is offering a half-day introductory course in the theory and practice of permaculture on Saturday 24th September from9.30am-1pm for a bargainous £20.

It is run by Felipe Molina, a permaculture practitioner and educator and promises an introduction to permaculture techniques including no-dig gardening (especially tempting for those with green fingers but little time to spend on their garden).

The Ecocentre are also recruiting a new Gardening Volunteer to lead their gardening activities and running the regular gardening group. An experienced gardener with a knack for communicating their passion with the public is sought.

The Thursday gardening group runs from10am-12pmat Northfield Ecocentre and is meant to be a space for everyone to learn about how to make what they want of their windowbox, patio or garden by sharing skills and experiences. The group serves both complete novices and weather worn old hands.

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