Now I Eat in Birmingham helping the children of China & India

Now I Eat in Birmingham helping the children of China & India

To many of us, good food is a necessity. We wouldn’t dream of going without, but some people don’t have a choice.

Young, deprived children in China and India live without access to a basic education or a nutritional diet. Inevitably, this shapes their future to be startlingly bleak.

But charities such as Now I Eat endeavor to change this. They’ve successfully set up a meticulous service system to satisfy the children’s immediate needs for shelter and dietary care while also providing long-term support with “education, skills and emotional support”.

In their future we can now see brightness, emerging from the once heavy gloom.

Now I Eat have developed programs that work to enhance the potential of these deprived children, which could otherwise go unnoticed.

This is where you can make a difference.

Now I Eat will be holding a charity fundraiser event on Saturday 19th November 2011 in Birmingham.

The event will consist of a three course meal with table service, a celebrity welcome speech, live entertainment and so much more.

Families are welcome to attend and tickets are £20 per person.

So be sure to go, as this is no ordinary night out, it’s one that could change people’s lives!

For more information visit:

To book, email nowieat (at) gmail (dot) com or call Kali or Nikita Janagol on 08454 309 308

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