Birmingham Riots: Have Your Say with The Guardian and LSE

Birmingham Riots: Have Your Say with The Guardian and LSE

After the long hot nights of August 2011 sparked violence in Birmingham’s communities, a combination of journalists, academics and charities are using the cold light of day to analyse what happened.

The Guardian newspaper and the London School of Economics published the first phase of their research “Reading the Riots” in December 2011, and included interviews with around 270 people who took part in the riots. The second phase will focus on the communities affected and the aftermath once the TV cameras had left.

The research team are hosting grassroots debates in riot-affected cities across England and come to Birmingham on Tuesday 28th February at The Drum, Aston from 6 – 8pm.

To attend the event, drop and email to Symeon Brown at The Guardian.

The Birmingham event is being held in partnership with the Haven Community Project.

The meeting will be an open debate and will be a chance for people directly affected by the riots to give their views about what happened in the days last summer that sent shockwaves throughout Birmingham.

The first debate has already taken place in Tottenham, London; the national epicentre of disturbances.

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