Birmingham Friends of the Earth Introduces City of the Future

Birmingham Friends of the Earth Introduces City of the Future

Birmingham Friends of the Earth is inviting everyone interested in Birmingham’s economy to participate in a semi pre-planned debate regarding alternative routes towards economic success. The event, entitled City of the Future, is to be held at the banqueting suite in the Council House on the 20th March. Starting at 6.30pm, the line-up is due to include several expert speakers on the topic.

The event will be chaired by Alun Thorne (Editor of the Birmingham Post) and expert speakers include David Powell (Economics campaigner at Friends of the Earth), Julia Slay (enior Researcher and Social Policy Programme Co-Ordinator at the New Economics Foundation), Oliver Bettis (a speaker for the Centre for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy) and Dr Helen Borland (Senior Lecturer in Business Sustainability at Aston Business School).

In the midst of high unemployment following what has been touted as an economic crisis in recent years, Birmingham Friends of the Earth want to inspire people to help Birmingham to lead the way in revolutionising our country’s economy.

The ‘City of the Future’ event welcomes business people, elected representatives, students, residents’ groups and political activists to attend on the 20th March. Not only will your presence help to emphasise the importance of the subject, but it could also give an indication towards your concern about exploring new ideas for a sustainable society for all.

The evening will see a panel of speakers propose a ‘manifesto for a city of the future’ looking forward to what Birmingham could look like if we adopted different economic policies and practices. The items proposed by the speakers will then be cross examined by a panel of representatives from local organisations and residents and the discussion will then be opened up to the audience.

Birmingham Friends of the Earth campaigns to make life better for people by inspiring solutions to environmental problems. They’ve run various public events in the past, covered topics such as whether HS2 will provide low carbon transport and jobs, how to design a less wasteful resource recovery system that works better for communities, and how to deal with fuel poverty.

The ‘City of the Future’ event on Tuesday 20th March expects to attract upto 200 people from across the city and the Friends of the Earth have set up a registration page on their website to ensure that places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you’re interested in attending this event to looks at alternative economics ideas and what our city could look like in the future, please follow this link.

For further information email Rachel Tyson ( Rachel works as a Volunteer Events Assistant for Birmingham Friends of the Earth and looks forward to answering any questions you may have in anticipation of this event.

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