Studio B goes to Digbeth!

Studio B goes to Digbeth!

BVSC welcomes Studio B to the Centre For Voluntary Action [purely as a customer of conferencing facilities].

As of this month, Studio B's meetings have been taking place inside the headquarters of BVSC (Birmingham Voluntary Service Council) in Digbeth, just off the Eastside of New Street in the very heart of Birmingham City Centre.

Not that there’s any special relationship between these two very different governance-oriented local third-sector organisations, but BVSC just happens to boast some decent conferencing facilities – accesssible, comfortable and reasonably-priced while conveniently located in the heart of the city centre. An ideal location from which to develop an up-and-coming grassroots community group like Studio B. This is just a casual, temporary arrangement though, until Studio B becomes more resourceful.

With hot drinks and catering facilities too (although they can be a little pricey) the well-equipped Volunteer Centre by Birmingham Voluntary Service Council seems an ideal location for Studio B’s busy volunteers to unwind in Tuesday evening meetings. And as Studio B is steadily growing – outgrowing its old boardroom back at Metropolis House in the Jewellery Quarter, plus the fact that Studio B are looking to start meeting more regularly (turning monthly meetings into weekly meetings) it seems quite logical to base their board meetings at BVSC’s reasonably hospitable “Centre for Voluntary Action”.

Courtesy of SE Central – a hotdesking service run by BVSC in partnership with Cloudberry for local solopreneurs and social enterprise representatives, Studio B have also considered using BVSC’s office location as their official postal address. This seems quite logical considering it’s now the location of their weekly board meetings – it means there would be just one address and map to go on the Studio B website and to be circulated among all the partners & volunteers. This may be unnecessary though, considering the convenience of using the internet for written communications these days.

Still, well done to BVSC for providing all the neccessary services at reasonable enough rates to make this happen, even if it took a little ingenuity on Studio B’s part to bring it all together. Maybe in future these inter-complimentary services by BVSC will be offered as a single joined-up package.

We should also take this opportunity to thank Metropolis 2 LTD – one of Birmingham’s brightest commercial PR & marketing agencies. Metropolis 2 have shared their boardroom with Studio B since the early days when Studio B was just getting started. Metropolis 2 means the Second City, which is what Studio B is also named after. Funny enough, one of the things you may hear while working at Metropolis House is that it was also the base of Liam Byrne MP (one of Gordon Brown’s main men) during the first 6 months of his political career. Prior to Gordon Brown stepping down, the local tabloids were describing Liam as “the most powerful politician in the West Midlands”, and Liam to this day is considered a prime candidate for being Prime Minister in future.

Metropolis 2 have also been praised for providing the best press release campaigns nationally, head and shoulders above several dozen similar agencies around the country, for a leading national law firm who has remained a satisfied client of theirs for many years now. So if you’ve got the budget to sustain a premium local or national PR & marketing campaign, you could do a lot worse than contacting Metropolis 2 for a quote. They’re not a charity though – you’ll need a proper budget to play with.

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday 14th Feb) is due to be the second Tuesday where Studio B meet on BVSC premises, and someone in last week’s meeting thought it would be a good idea to take this opportunity to sample BVSC’s catering services, little did anyone realise at the time that this meeting would co-incide with Valentine’s Day. So there’s likely to be only a few people attending to find a nice buffet on the table for a dozen people! There will be about 100 assorted hot & cold savouries going spare on a table outside BVSC’s Meeting Room 1 this Valentine’s Day. If only we had a popular presence in the socialmediasphere we could Tweet and invite all the lonely Brummies to dinner if they have no date this Valentine’s Day! Who knows, maybe we’ll make a similar mistake in the near future just for fun.

Note that comments in square brackets were recently added to attend to a recent request for avoiding misunderstanding. Just to be clear, Studio B is not a tenant of BVSC’s HQ. To reiterate, there is purely a temporary conferencing service arrangement, and they are two very different third sector organisations even though they may appear to have similar objectives at first glance!

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