Studio B sets up new tai chi club in Birmingham with free classes

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Studio B sets up new tai chi club in Birmingham with free classes

Tai Chi has been readily taught in classes throughout Birmingham and the UK for some decades now, but never before has it been practiced quite like this.

With support from Birmingham Martial Arts Network – another project by Studio B – we’re eagerly anticipating the first signs of Studio B’s revolutionary tai chi classes cropping up around the city this month.

Birmingham Martial Arts Network runs a general information portal introducing people to the various martial arts styles and clubs in Birmingham. Each week, new people submit the form on asking for free advice about which local martial arts club to join, considering things like location and budget; and until now, the martial arts network has been unable to provide good recommendations, because they don’t endorse the entire syllabus of any particular existing club.

So Studio B has now decided to set up their own independent classes, led mainly by volunteers, to provide free and reduced-rate tai chi classes all around the city. These classes are said to involve the practice of the most efficient and technically sound yet fun movements from Tai Chi and related systems of Chinese kung fu and Oriental martial arts. These classes are said to contain a lot of Pushing Hands (a key tai chi training exercise done in pairs) and Sticking Hands (a similar exercise from Wing Chun Kung Fu) plus a little Aikido and other complentary moves from similar martial arts systems. Check out the YouTube videos below for examples of the kinds of moves practiced within Studio B’s new tai-chi classes in association with Birmingham Martial Arts Network.

These moves are quick to learn thanks to expert coaching throughout the classes. These techniques are ideal for ladies’ self-defence, and for businessmen and children too. Check it out, these classes are coming soon to a street near you, check out the Birmingham Martial Arts Network website and the Studio B website for updates!

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    It’s really good that these people are offering their expertise for free, nice one!

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