Another charity for the destitute struggling to meet demand

Another charity for the destitute struggling to meet demand

Charityzine has previously reported on charities in Coventry struggling to meet demand on their services from those who are destitute. Now a Birmingham charity fears that it will have to stop making much needed grants as demand outstrips the cash available to the charity.

The Hope Destitution Fund, one of four linked Hope Projects assisting those ‘without recourse to public funds’ with housing and subsistence grants, has sent out an urgent appeal to donors to plug a gap in funds.

An email to current supporters from the Fund lays out the consequences for the charity’s activities were it to run out of money;

“Over the past year the Fund has had generous support from a number of charitable trusts, as well as from individuals, local faith groups and others; and we hope and expect that there will be further substantial support from trusts from mid-2012 onward. 

However, it now seems that, if we continue making grants at our normal rates to all those who qualify for our help, we will run out of money some weeks before then, and so for the first time since 2003 there may be a substantial period during which our grant-making stops altogether.”

The Hope Destitution Fund makes small fortnightly cash grants to asylum-seekers and others who are destitute and have nowhere else to turn. The money given out is then spent on essentials such as food, clothing and toiletries. For many it’s an irreplaceable life-line of support.

You can make a one off donation to the Hope Projects through the secure website. You can also download a standing order form to make a regular payment to ensure that the charity has a sustainable source of regular income.

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