BVSC launch new website, portraying new grassroots image

BVSC launch new website, portraying new grassroots image

The old BVSC website portrayed a rich corporate brand. It reflected the high-budget rebranding by Homer Creative in 2005, where BVSC changed from being a perceivably self-serving “back-office based” project crew to opening up their centrally-located premises and trying to become the official “first point of call” for all local volunteering and third-sector governance issues. In my view, they succeeded. They not only looked more professional and active in the community, they really became more professional and active in the community.

Wait, now they’ve gone full circle! The new website launched last month (and still sporting all kinds of bugs & typos in the deep dark corners) makes them look like a well-organised group of under-privileged grassroots activists. Perhaps they’ve come to appreciate and cherish true grassroots initiatives like never before. This may sound like I’m making fun of them, but it’s a brave thing they’ve done and it’s a very smart move. In fact, the previous website was smart. The new one is enlightened. Whoever made that decision to refocus their image deserves a promotion.

It’s not the first we’ve seen of humble pie hitting home among the big, bold & thriving. In recent years, “red-tape personified” brands like Birmingham Strategic Partnership and Birmingham Community Safety Partnership and have became “Be Birmingham” and “the Safer Birmingham Partnership” (although that last one seems to have reverted back again). The bloated Labour-branded central government became the perceivably less-bloated Lib-Con branded government. Even Birmingham Web Development Partnership was rebranded as Studio B. And BVSC’s own Birmingham ChangeUp Consortium in recent years became the Third Sector Assembly for similar reasons.

Let’s take a moment to reminisce over the evolution of the BVSC website.



Apologies for the poor quality of imagery prior to 2008 – the web-savvy guys at Studio B who provided these images say they’ve never been funded ever, by anyone, for anything… Talk about grassroots… Wait, aren’t they meant to be the directors of Charityzine?

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