UBU’s supported living services for disabled people

UBU’s supported living services for disabled people

Supported living services by UBU seek to offer developmentally disabled people more control in daily life. For disabled people who require assistance, UBU’s supported living services offers a way to live a more independent life. For the developmentally disabled, making their own decisions and managing their own household means they are in new ways able to try to live a normal life. Through supportive living services by UBU, they are now given more choices as to how and where they want to live.

Living in Their Own Home

With the assistance of supported living services, British residents with learning challenges and other vulnerable disabilities can remain in their home (owned or rented) and receive the basic and expanded support they need. Being allowed to choose where they live and who will support them provides them control and dignity over their everyday lives.

Personalised Care

The basis of supported living focuses on a single person and structures a plan for them individually. Building a framework around the individual’s relationships, along with any unpaid (informal) support they might be receiving, including community resources, the plan works to build the ideal assistance solution they need for around-the-clock care. Some plans include “Enablers” along with other staff employees provided through a social care provider agency, to ensure the individual is receiving all of the required basic or extended support.

All Levels of Disability

The concept of supported living has expanded to include all levels of disability, even those that are the most extreme and complex. Tailoring support to each individual’s needs, many plans provide around-the-clock assistance, which is either shared with others or not. Some require living assistance, or sleep-over assistance to ensure there is always someone close by to provide the individual’s what they need, when they need it.

Regulated Care

As part of the agenda of UBU’s supported living services is to regulate the quality assurance of all social care services. While the care of each developmentally disabled resident using supported living services is regulated, the accommodation is not. Designed to let each individual live an independent and autonomous lifestyle, the services are built around a social support system rather than medical care.

A Wide Range of Settings

UBU’s supported living is delivered in a variety of housing models and settings that include homes and individual flats. Each individual might live there as an owner, a shared owner or a tenant. They might be renting their residence through a local authority, a private landlord, parents and family, or a housing association.

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