Community Service Volunteers – Making a Difference in Brum

Community Service Volunteers – Making a Difference in Brum

Community Service Volunteers (CSV) is a charity based in Birmingham and Bristol which has been running for 50 years. As a voluntary organisation, CSV forms various partnerships with other organisations working in the community to help provide security and stability to families throughout Birmingham. This involves people of all ages giving something back to their community and “making a difference” is one of the mottos of CSV.

They also offer learning opportunities including media skills training. One girl on a course with CSV commented: “I didn’t want to be unemployed and on the dole”.

CSV runs a couple of campaigns – ‘MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY’ and ‘ACTION EARTH’. These campaigns offer support to local communities who in turn can help with projects.

I have volunteered with CSV environment for a year as a publicity officer and I think it has given me better media skills – this is good because I hope to get a job within the media industry in future. I have also been a campaigner with CSV ACTION DESK, with the BBC and have gone to events relating to mental health – handing out leaflets and doing reports for the BBC.

Overall, CSV offers a lot of opportunities, which means anyone can volunteer with them – I am sure you can find a voluntary role with them.

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