Ulfah Arts prep a new generation of young talented artists and media moguls

Ulfah Arts prep a new generation of young talented artists and media moguls

Ulfah Arts is an arts and media charity based in Highgate, Birmingham – near the old fire station – and has been running arts and media projects in and around Birmingham since being founded in 2004.

Projects include those at the core of the organisation as well as those commissioned from outside. Core arts projects include “Have I got Faith for you!”, “Artsville”, “Untold Stories”, “Muslim Women Music Makers”, “Ilham” and “Ulfah Collective” – these arts projects focus on education, interfaith relations, community cohesion, race relations, artist & audience development and arts sector development too. Meanwhile, core media projects include “Muslim Women Media Makers”, “2012 for 2012” (working title), “Radio Youthology”, “Arts Show”, “Adventures of Clayola” and “Sacred Stories” – these core arts projects focus variously between skills development, leadership, cohesion and film production.

Radio Youthology is a long-term radio project which runs every Saturday on the internet. To help with this, Ulfah Arts are looking for producers and radio presenters.

Unlike other radio stations, however, you will have more freedom to choose what can be broadcasted (obviously no swearing though).

You don’t need to be studying a media course to take part, there are no entry requirements. This charity is mainly run by volunteers and as I was a volunteer I can say they were really helpful with media skills when I needed to get a job in media.

One of the directors told us:

We look for young people who love media or not to gain important skills for the future such as communication skills.

Overall, Ulfah offers a lot for those of any age, ethnicity and religion. If you want more information then contact Ulfah Arts by phone on 0121 446 4460 or visit the website: www.ulfaharts.co.uk.

See also, Ulfah Arts on Facebook – www.facebook.com/ulfaharts – and check out the Radio Youthology page on Facebook – www.facebook.com/pages/Radio-Youthology/332122337369.

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