Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau tackles all kinds of issues

Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau tackles all kinds of issues

Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) was founded in 1939 to help tackle all kinds of concerns and dilemmas on behalf of and alongside all manner of troubled local citizens.

The CAB tackles various issues including (but not limited to) mental health concerns and financial difficulties. It aims to advise the public and offer reasonable solutions. They do not tell clients what to do though, and they rarely completely reject anyone due to not knowing how to help them at all.

It is an “equal opportunities” employer and service provider – they strive to not judge any service users irrespective of religious background or ethnicity for instance.

The Birmingham CAB handles approximately 120,000 enquiries each year across Birmingham. It is a voluntary organisation that is mainly run by volunteers and yet practically all government departments look up to the CAB because that’s where so many people get sent when they’re difficult to help. Indeed, there are many partner organisations that work with the CAB such as Birmingham City Council.

One of many CAB clients commented:

The staff were helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable…

CAB clients can get help via the Internet, telephone, etc, and in different languages such as from Punjabi to English.

To find out more about Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau call 08444 77 10 10 or visit their website:

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