SIFA Fireside brings Tai Chi to Birmingham’s homeless people

SIFA Fireside brings Tai Chi to Birmingham’s homeless people

SIFA Fireside is a drop-in centre for the homeless located in the Digbeth area of Birmingham. Every day of the week it opens its doors to provide hot drinks, breakfasts and lunches. It also has facilities for showers, laundry and seating for the weary-to-rest.

However, SIFA Fireside provides much more than just provision for the physical daily needs. It has a team of paid staff and volunteers who provide housing advice, help wit benefits and much more.

Alongside this, SIFA provides the homeless with a great base for training, investigating skills, exploring talents and reaching out to your potential.

Every day of the week there is some kind of training or activity ranging from acupuncture to first aid, from counselling to football.

Last Friday SIFA laid on its first Tai Chi class. Four students attended and each one made some progress.

We at Charityzine are working for Tai Chi to be accessible to all. With the help of SIFA Fireside, we will be making tai chi available on a weekly basis to those who are most in need. Keep an eye on Charityzine for regular updates on Tai Chi at SIFA or visit SIFA’s website at

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