Time To Change mental health awareness in the UK

Time To Change mental health awareness in the UK

Mind and Rethink are both national charities focusing on helping people with mental health issues, and these charities are both working in partnership to deliver a government-funded project called Time To Change.

Time To Change aims to end the stigma of mental health through the Time To Talk pledge scheme which allows you to leave your thoughts on the Pledge Wall alongside various celebrities, charity representatives and random people too.

Mental health has had plenty of exposure in the media lately, with soaps featuring characters with mental health issues (such as Ian from Eastenders and Zak in Emmerdale).

Even celebs have been seen suffering from mental health issues, including Sir Paul McCartney for example. One might say that all the pressure of being an A-list star increases the chances of having mental health issues.

According to Mind, 1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness. Even I myself have suffered with it. I’ve attended a Time To Change event and it was quite successful – there were lots of different activities such as dance, crafts and talks. Time To Change will carry on talking about mental health because mental health is a pressing issue of today no less than tomorrow, and there are numerous other charities like Mind and Rethink, such as the Mental Health Foundation which focusing on research and campaigning – mainly more for people who don’t know much about mental health.

There are also many events happening all over the UK which can be found on the Time To Change website.

The next Time to Change event in Birmingham will be:

Event name: Year long ‘Time to Change’ Impact event
Date & time: 10am, Wednesday 5th September 2012
Location: Newman University College, Bartley Green, Birmingham, B32 3NT

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