Free Tai Chi at SIFA Fireside for Birmingham’s homeless

Free Tai Chi at SIFA Fireside for Birmingham’s homeless

From Friday onward Geoff and Dan from Birmingham Tai Chi Club are due to be providing free Tai Chi classes at SIFA Fireside (in Digbeth) for Birmingham homeless community.

The one-hour classes are due to begin at 10am every Friday morning.

These Tai Chi classes focus on slow breathing exercises, not involving much stepping, but focusing on getting the breath in tune with the movements of the arms and hips and waist and knees etc.

Tai Chi’s unique qualities are increasingly being recognised by those in the health and social care professions. Birmingham Tai Chi Club has had several new members joining after being referred to Tai Chi by their doctors. We have also been contacted by a nursing home and a mental health charity – both enquiring about building our classes into their own service provisions. It is clear that Tai Chi is now being taken very seriously as a means of tackling, preventing and reversing both mental and physical difficulties.

The two, weekly Tai Chi classes that we currently teach in Birmingham have been attended by a wide range of ages and physical abilities.

In fact one of the major challenges is to adapt our classes and forms of movements to fit in with the demands of our less athletic members.

One of the many benefits of Tai Chi is that it can help us gain access to other sports. Lots of people that start Tai Chi may be unfit or over-weight or under the false impression that they are too old to be active. Tai Chi with its gentle movements really does get the body back into shape.

Since taking up Tai Chi I have become increasingly interested in the sports that I hadn’t done for years: football & swimming. I’ve also taken up a new one: jogging.

I went for a run this afternoon. Now I am absolutely bloody knackered. I’ll be sticking to Tai Chi for the rest of the week.


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