Inter Faith Network announces the UK Strategic Review

Inter Faith Network announces the UK Strategic Review

The Inter Faith Network is commencing a strategic review which will run across the 2012/2013 operating year. This was agreed at the 2012 AGM, following a recommendation from IFN’s Executive Committee. The Review will be looking at issues such as: the place of IFN in the wider context of inter faith engagement and UK society; IFN’s membership and patterns of engagement and consultation; programmes of work undertaken by IFN; the place and continued relevance of Inter Faith Week; the sustainability of IFN; short, medium and long term views on the future work of IFN; and governance and operational issues.

A Strategic Review Working Group was announced at the end of October. Its recommendations are expected in summer 2013. Established by IFN’s Executive Committee, it will develop its own independent report and recommendations in the light of its engagement in the process of conducting the Review. Members include: Sughra Ahmed, the Revd Alan Bayes, Mohinder Singh Chana; the Revd Peter Colwell, Acharya Modgala Duguid; Kathryn Luckock; Rabbi Maurice Michaels; Ramesh Pattni and Patricia Stoat. Members come from a number of different nations of the UK and regions of England and from a range of backgrounds and bring with them a wide range of experience and expertise in a diverse range of fields such as work with young people, work with women, and work in chaplaincy contexts.

The Strategic Review Working Group will be chaired by a respected senior figure from a local inter faith context who is well grounded in work at grassroots level, with experience of the broader inter faith landscape: Patricia Stoat. Ms Stoat has for a number years played an active role in the Nottingham Council of Faiths. She also brings rootedness in her own faith community; an informed interest in other faith traditions (including academic background in these); awareness of the importance of bilateral as well as multilateral dialogue and understanding; experience of working at a management level in the area of social responsibility and, most recently, management responsibility as CEO of the Faiths Forum for the East Midlands. She is actively involved at local level in the inter faith work of her own faith community through the Catholic Diocese of Nottingham and is currently Vice-President of the National Board of Catholic Women.

The Strategic Review Working Group is a small, task-focused, working group; it is envisaged that the broader range of relevant constituencies will be heard by way of the overall Review process and one of the Strategic Review Group’s most important tasks will be to ensure a broad pattern of engagement with the Review issues. It will be meeting for the first time later this month and details about the Review process and how to feed into this will be developed and made known across the following weeks.

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