Sound It Out and similar charities suffer funding cuts in 2012

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Sound It Out and similar charities suffer funding cuts in 2012

One well-established local charity called Sound It Out closed down in late August 2012 due to a lack of funding. The Big Lottery Fund did not extend its award for a Sound It Out project called On Track which was supposed to run for 4 years.

In early July, Sound It Out decided to do an auction with tambourines signed by celebrities (nicknamed “tamperines”). However, even though this raised £10,000 it was not enough to keep the music charity running. This charity lasted for 15 years yet the Big Lottery and Arts Council both decided to stop funding due to “not seeing the ‘point’ of the charity”.

Even though there has been a shut down with Sound It Out. One of their projects – Musical Connections – for people with mental health conditions will still be running but under a different organisation. There has been no further information about this, so I would recommend that anyone interested in this music project keep a lookout on the internet. The New Horizons course will also hopefully be running with the help of another organisation in the near future.

One of the Sound It Out charity trustees claimed that funding bodies would fund projects but not organisation as a whole, not paying for staff and general corporate costs. Sound It Out was one of many small charities struggling to fill this gap.

Some say the upper-class Conservative Government have cut back on funding for the poor while focusing on helping rich people as usual. This really leaves small charities in Birmingham out to dry. One last comment made by an assistant of Sound It Out was:

“It is a shame and I truly enjoyed working with all of you.”

  1. Lucy Pickering says:


    Do you know if the Musical Connections project is still running under another organisation?

    Any info appreciated.

    Thanks, Lucy

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