China Links recruits Birmingham Tai Chi Club for corporate stuff

China Links recruits Birmingham Tai Chi Club for corporate stuff

Bored? Stiff? Depressed? Lethargic? Angry? Well please read on – this article will get more interesting. If you have a job in Birmingham you will probably feel all of these things at one time or another. Possibly even all at the same time.

If you aren’t working, then all these feelings may be familiar with lack of money added to exacerbate them. That’s why Charityzine has been interested the activities of Birmingham Tai Chi Club for the last few months. The role of the Birmingham Tai Chi Club has been to introduce efficient Tai Chi classes to communities who would otherwise struggle to access them.

Now the founders of our local charitable Tai Chi club are beginning to provide corporate workshops for businesses who appreciate that their workforces could benefit from such relaxing yet stimulating exercises as those involved in Tai Chi.

Birmingham is such a big and busy city, it is difficult for those who work and live in the city to find recourse to relaxing activities and let’s face up to the lack of fresh open spaces and holistically relaxing environments in the West Midlands. So, Tai Chi provides a good opportunity for people to find that ‘me time’ – be they in their front room, in a park, and office, a cark park or wherever really.

So if you are feeling any of the emotions we started with, then consider the exploring Tai Chi. It’s worked for me – I only feel bored, stiff, depressed, lethargic and angry half the time these days.

For more information on Birmingham Tai Chi Club and their charitable classes in Birmingham’s communities, visit their website at, and for more information about their corporate Tai Chi workshops delivered in partnership with China Links check out the China Links website at

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