Cycle through Croatia in September 2013 for the Genesis Research Trust

Cycle through Croatia in September 2013 for the Genesis Research Trust

Professor Robert Winston’s charity Genesis Research Trust has been promoting better health for women and babies since 1985. You can support this charity by joining them for one of their challenge events that promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Genesis Research Trust has just released fantastic challenges for 2014! Trek the Great Wall of China and Cycle Tanzania & Zanzibar are part of Women for Women challenges, the longest running women only challenge events in the UK. Their supporters have a wonderful experience being part of a group of amazing and inspirational women, pushing themselves to the limit whilst experiencing new cultures, friendship and fun.

But do not worry guys, they have not forgotten you! Genesis also have an upcoming mixed ride, Cycle Croatia happening this September 2013. This promises to be a challenging ride with amazing pay-offs, their supporters will explore rivers, mountains and waterfalls and discover charming villages and Natural World Heritage Sites.

When you join one of these challenges you know that you are supporting medical research into conditions that affect women, babies and families. Miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, brain damage and cancer are all conditions that the Genesis Research Trust’s leading scientists are working to understand and prevent. Genesis Research Trust has made some notable achievements to date; one of the first screening programmes for cervical cancer, early development of IVF and the prevention of premature labour are just some of them. But with 1 in 4 babies miscarried, 1 in 18 born prematurely and over 4,000 women dying from ovarian cancer each year in the UK, there is still so much to be done.

Judith, a supporter from Tamworth spoke about her experience with Women for Women events

I joined the Women for Women Challenge for both China and Central America to give my life a fresh impetus as I reached the age of sixty.

The whole experience was memorable and rewarding and provided me with once in a lifetime experiences with other likeminded women that I will never forget.

They were real challenges but they were life changing for me as they proved to me and others what can be done if you apply yourself.

You can do your bit forfuture generations by joining the Genesis Research Trust and raising money for their research. Head along to Trek the Great Wall of China and be surrounded by rich history and tradition, you will have the opportunity to see lesser visited part of the wall and marvel in one of the world’s most spectacular destinations. Or, if you prefer to cycle, join the Genesis Research Trust for a scenic cycle from Tanzania to Zanzibar. Here you will see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as visiting Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sign up today! Genesis will be on hand to support you every step of the way, you can find out more by visiting their website, or contact them by email or by phone 020 7594 2158. The Genesis Research Trust looks forward to speaking to you soon!

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