Freshwinds charity supports mental and physical well-being across Birmingham

Freshwinds charity supports mental and physical well-being across Birmingham

Freshwinds is a Birmingham charity working with the physical and mental well-being of people who suffer from life-limiting or threatening diseases.

Founded in 1992, the charity offers numerous types of support including employment advice, debt counselling and community initiatives on substance abuse and crime.

They also specialise in helping Asian, Black, cultural minorities or individuals who are from socially secluded backgrounds.

Carol Hebden, the Vice President and Director of Support Services says, “The complexity of our clients’ needs demonstrate a real need to remain holistic and ensure that they are kept at the heart of our practice.”

As a result, Freshwinds’ charity work has evolved into a wide range of programmes across Birmingham.

These programmes include: allowing resident doctors and volunteers provide additional care and treatment to patients with on-going care; health courses to battle smoking and alcohol dependencies as well as encouraging exercise; and a substance abuse assistance and recovery programme for those suffering from addiction.

The charity’s Employment and Training programmes work to support people back into employment, including offering workshops and skill-building courses, as well as providing advice and welfare support for those with financial difficulties.

The charity also offers programmes for those from differing gender, ethnic and sexual orientation demographics including, the ‘Be…Project’, which provides support services to Gay, Lesbian and Transsexuals.

It’s ‘Supporting People’ programme also provides tenancy support to people faced with discrimination due to offending history, refugee status or HIV and Aids, encouraging them to live independently.

In addition, the charity also targets older citizens who are living either with a long-term health condition, disability, isolation, dependence, or financial worries, helping them to receive support services and guidance to improve their quality of life.

Freshwinds provide hope by offering simple yet effective solutions for people of all backgrounds across Birmingham.

The wide range of services the charity provides for those in difficult circumstances means that it is always in need of new helpers and volunteers.

More information on their programmes or how you can volunteer can be found here.


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