Sector-friendly SEO & internet marketing services by 3C SEO

Sector-friendly SEO & internet marketing services by 3C SEO

What has SEO got to do with charity and what is it anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – it is the process by which a company attempts to increase its profile on search engines – in this day and age mainly Google – by either creating new or amending existing websites with a view to ranking more highly in search results. The strategies that SEO encompass could have a lot to do with your charity if you feel that Google does not love your website enough as it is.

Which SEO strategies does my charity website need?

The strategies that SEO employs are varied. The starting point for an SEO campaign is typically to investigate which “keywords” your charity’s service users, clients, partners, or investors are likely to be entering into Google as search terms. This research will highlight which keywords your company needs to be including and focusing on in the formulation of articles and other content – such as pictures and videos. By including these keywords on your site, Google will subsequently find it easier to categorise your website, they will also be more likely to rank you higher as they will see that you have true relevance and authoritative presence in your industry. An SEO expert will (or at least he or she should) also advise you to form good online links to your site from other sites in your industry. By gaining links to your website from other charities in your sector Google will increase its appreciation of your website. Alongside well written and relevant content these connections will play a large part in helping your website rise through Google’s ranking system. The third (but not final) part of SEO is coding. This is the part I know nothing about so you’ll have to research it yourself. Try Googling it.

Anything else I need to consider?

Yes. Another key part of an SEO campaign, which also comes under “connection”, is Social Media. Google’s algorithms, tucked into “Googlebot”, is able to sniff social signal from places like Twitter and Facebook. These connections will notify Google that your charity has a “buzz factor” that is indicative of a healthy, authoritative online presence.

Our charity already has Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Good, this will make your charity’s SEO campaign a lot easier to get going. Most of the larger and more busy charities are doing well where social media is concerned, but with a little tweaking of their website would be able to rank higher on Google and thus connect more easily with service users.

Is SEO expensive for charities in Birmingham?

For a free initial consultation (packed with practical advice, for free) you can contact 3C SEO. They will give you advice on launching an SEO campaign and can also help you to amend your content and gain the connections that will help your charity to gain a foothold in the immediate upper reaches of Google searches. They can also work on the coding behind your website, which will further help your website to thrive in Google searches. How this coding works I do not and possibly never will know. But I know this bloke that does.

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