Help Wanted By Charities

Help Wanted By Charities

This is a place for Birmingham charities and community groups to post free help wanted ads, for example, “we need professional painters & decorators to volunteer a few hours next month to help refurbish our new premises for autistic people in South Birmingham” or “we’re looking for someone to donate some basic office equipment for us to use to provide work experience for young people in the city centre”, etc.

Tips for charities posting requests

  • Give a basic summary of who will ultimately benefit from any support your charity receives (eg, “autistic people in South Birmingham” or “young people in the city centre”, etc).
  • Include details of any extra incentives. For example, if a local company meets your request, could they get a mention of acknowledgement in your AGM, newsletter or website? Or could you reimburse the travel expenses of anyone who needs to travel in order to help?
  • Include contact details so that anyone who wants to help your organisation knows exactly who to contact about it.

NOTE: Posts are displayed in ascending chronological order, so please scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the latest requests for help!

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